Welcome to UnderStory Healing!

This site provides information on healthier lifestyle practices, nutritional insight, and all things that will bring you to a natural and better way of living.

I have gone through quite the journey with my family concerning health issues. (You can read more about that in the About Me tab or find it here).

I am extremely passionate about implementing a natural lifestyle with less toxins and chemicals and appropriate nutrition. It is important not for only getting healthier but also maintaining and staying at your best.

Learning difficulties, diseases and overall health problems are continuing to rise. There are links to environmental toxins that need to be addressed and combated.

I will lessen the burden off of you and your family by sharing the experience and abundance of knowledge I have gained over the last 17 years. My family have navigated many various illnesses and health challenges.

I also include a section on learning in order to help your child achieve their best regardless of challenges. Teaching and Literacy is my degree background, and I have experienced many learning challenges with my own children.

I do not have all the answers but AM on a journey to help address these problems to create healthier lifestyle practices.

So basically to recap- I share information on healthier lifestyle practices, provide nutritional insight, natural home diys and much more. I offer helpful steps for you to put into practice that will help protect you, your children, and your loved ones from the harmful chemicals and toxins.

We are bombarded with toxins every day from our food, air, and the everyday products and devices we use. We will work on the story that lies under the difficulties and challenges we face.

Together we can grow healthier families!

The following quote is from the epa’s website:

“Estimated 75,ooo chemicals registered for use in the U.S., an average of 7 new chemicals approved each day, many not tested for safety and certainly not tested for their ability to “reprogram” body tissues, the ramification of the study are enormous”

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